Family...the ones you live with, laugh with, and love

Family...the ones you live with, laugh with, and love
Summer 2009

Sunday, October 10, 2010

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

For the last couple of months we have been consumed with FOOTBALL. I don't think we realized what we were getting into when we first signed Seth up. Yes practice EVERY DAY for 1 1/2 hours. And then 3 hour games on Saturday. Wow what a shocker. Our second son Seth is quite the football player. This year he played center and even tried his hand at quarter back a couple of times. He loves the sport and I have to admit I love watching him play. What we do for our children.

This year it was a little more challenging to get him to practice every day because of surgery, which I had his first week of practice during the drafts. Then having to go to radiation everyday was also a little tricky, but we managed to get it all in. It was actually quite nice to go and SIT and watch him practice each evening. Sitting and watching is not usually something I get to do much, so this year it was nice to get that opportunity.

It was also fun to get to know a lot of the other moms from the team. We became quite close actually. I guess spending so much time at practice can make people become close.

All together Seth's team ended up playing 7 games with the last being played on October 2nd. It is that last game that will stick with me forever. It is not because my son played an outstanding game or scored the winning touchdown, it is because of the touching gesture that was made by the boys from his team and by his coaches and coaches wives.

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month the boys decided that they wanted to do something special for their last game. They decided to wear "the pink cancer ribbon" on their helmets in my name. How touching that was to see 20 young men with those pink ribbons placed on their helmets with such pride. Not one young man was ashamed to wear pink. They held their heads high and wore it with pride.

Before the game each football player and coach was given a pink balloon. Just before the game the balloons were all released. How touching it was to see all those balloons fly through the sky. I can't describe to you the feeling that was present before that game. It didn't matter if we won or lost that game because we all had such pride that day!! What an outstanding group of people!