Family...the ones you live with, laugh with, and love

Family...the ones you live with, laugh with, and love
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Monday, March 15, 2010

The Day My Hair Fell Out

During my last chemo treatment the nurse told me that my hair would be totally gone by the next visit. I was a little surprised that it would happen so fast. A couple of my friends that have been through cancer, also told me it was around 14-16 days after their first treatment that their hair fell out. I have been trying to mentally prepare myself for "the day", but I don't think anyone can prepare themselves for their hair falling out.
16 days later....I woke up Saturday morning and ran a brush through my hair only to find the brush filled with hair that had just fallen out. I showed Steve and he couldn't believe how much had come out. Being the concerned husband he is, he helped me brush and brush my hair. In about 5 minutes the garbage can was filled. We thought that we had gotten most of it and that it was the end of it falling out. I however decided to test it. I took a handful and tugged, and out came a huge amount of hair and surprisingly without any pain. I must say it was a very weird experience.

I figured by then we may as well let the kids have some fun. Seth and Maddie had a total blast pulling my hair out. In just a few minutes they had a huge pile. Then Maddie asked if she could cut it. Why not. We got the scissors and let her go to town.

Even Seth and Ethan got in on the action.

In a short time my hair was completely butchered. Steve was able to finish off the job with some clippers. It has been a very surreal experience. But we did get a few laughs and yes I've had a few tears. But hey it's only hair and it will grow back. Just think of all the time and money I will save from not having to go get my hair done at the salon. And how many people can say they have seen their own head?


  1. A tough day I am sure! That is great that you involved your kids with this. My treatments werent as strong as yours, mine fell out gradually and eventually it was very thin and nasty looking, you could see my scalp but I still had hair, kinda like a comb over. I did shave my head and had my husband and son do it also, so we all had bald heads. Now my son keeps asking me when we are going to shave our heads again.
    Your right it is just hair but it is still very hard, sometimes more then other days. I have some really cute ideas on how to tie scarfs if you go to church and to just go out in. If you want I would love to show you a couple ways. Let me know.
    Keep your chin up and glad to know you have such a wonderful supportive husband and kids. Makes all the difference.
    Good luck on your next treatment.

  2. i started reading this post all teary eyed thinking about how difficult it must be to go through something like this- but when I read about your kids getting involved in the process it brought a smile to my face. who else could find enjoyment during difficult times??? dani you are one heck of a person. that is all there is to it. today you may have lost your hair- but you have not lost your wonderful spirit and strength.

  3. You are amazing! What tough things you are having to go through, but you are always so positive. You are a great example. Good luck!

  4. Just think of all the cute short hair do's you will be able to experiment with when it grows back :-) You have such a great attitude. You are truly amazing.

  5. I am Rachel Whites big sister, I just wanted to say "God Bless your heart" Life happens to amazing people!

    Keep your chin up...You WILL get through this...with 3 little smiles..and 1 good man!

    Much Love
    Jozette Cerise